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20 July 2024

Memnor are a UK based modern prog rock collective inspired by the genre-redefining sounds of Frost*, Coheed and Cambria, and The Algorithm.

FFO: TOOL, haken, steven wilson

Memnor specialise in long-form narrative based songs, interspersing their set of punchy and technical prog with sound design pieces to create an immersive soundscape full of soaring, euphoric highs, and delicate, tranquil lows. 

The project was formed from the fusion of 2 existing bands; Flying Machine and Echonic, who both released their first EPs (Worlds Apart, and Echonic, respectively) as university projects in 2013 by Guitarist/Vocalist Rob Rideout and Guitarist/Keyboardist Harry Boam. Memnor combines the narrative driven song-writing and prog rock technicality of Flying Machine with the euphoric post-rock soundscapes and crushing riffs of Echonic into a beast much greater than the sum of it's parts, adding in electronic elements and envelope-pushing sound design to enhance the world building  and storytelling.

Since then, Memnor has written a new series of tracks which have become known as the New Seed Saga, and are producing the tracks, from demos to finished projects, live on

Memnor was joined by drummer Ben White and bass player Josh Fielden in 2023, allowing the band to evolve its sound, and bring the music to fans live.